Ed's Weather Station

Ed's Weather Station
Located south of Fulton, MO
Lat. 38.75234 N
Lon. 91.96758 W
Elevation 787 ft

GR3 Radar

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Kansas City Radar Eds Weather Station

NEXRAD Radar KEAX status: Active [last data 0:00:-10 h:m:s ago] as of Wed, 19-Dec-2018 8:33am CST

NWS WSR-88D Transmit/Receive Status

Eds Weather Station - GRLevel3 Radar

Kansas City NEXRAD Radar

Radar Type

GRLevel3 radar from NWS station KEAX

The above image was produced by GRLevel3 software using NEXRAD Radar data from station KEAX.

Storm Ident Az/Ran TVS
POSH POH Max Size VIL Max dBZ Height Top Fcst Mvmt
No Thunderstorms in Range of Radar Site
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